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About Us

We understand the importance and amount of effort needed in order to truly change and evolve our students into respectable athletes. Physical conditioning and technical training is our focus, and we demand results from ourselves as well. Our training is never easy, but always achievable. We are a true professional Tae Kwon Do school.

Our Story

Coming from a traditional background in the art of TKD, American Tiger’s grew bigger and larger through our training sessions, lessons, and floor. We keep total open communication and transparency through our office side, and always aim to please with simplicity and fairness. We came from a small school, tinted windows, and a shabby front. With true dedication and professional training, our reputation and name had grown larger and larger. Now training in a 2 full sparring ring floor, with ample parking, and nearby foods, American Tigers is hard to miss when driving by.

Meet the Team

Studio Owner/Head Master – GM Dae Goo Kwon (aka Master Kwon)


Master Derek Kwon

Head Instructor

David Kwak


Eric Teagan

Studio Manager

Scott Nguyen


Timothy Barrett

Main Floor Instructor

Hai Pham

Next Steps…

We are friendly and professional, come check us out yourself.

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